Coalition in Action

The Coalition sponsored a TECC training event held December 4-5th. The event consisted of lecture, hands on skills, and practical scenarios

TECC is an intensive, hands on course.  Please come prepared to be “hands-on”.  The uniform for class is anything you are comfortable working in and don’t mind getting dirty or “bloody”.  Our time will be split between lecture, hands on skills and practical scenarios.  We will be utilizing smoke, moulage, explosion simulators and firearm props.  

All gear will be provided for training, however, if you have your own gear you would like to use (vest, trauma kits, ballistic protection) feel free to bring it.  NO LIVE FIREARMS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM.

You will be required to show proficiency in the skills associated with you current level of medical certification as well as pass a written test to obtain the TECC certification.  TECC offers Paramedics 16 hours of continuing education hours and EMT, EMR, LEO 8 hours of continuing education.


The organizer of the event was Lee Anne Boeringer and Kevin Hunt with Prepared Medical Response, LLC.  

The Coalition sponsored a METI Man event held November 30.

The METI Man is a trauma manikin that is used for simulation training that was purchased by the coalition.


James Kellum was the organizer with Air Evac Lifeteam members at the South Central EMS Director's Association's Last Chance Conference in Spring Hill.