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Submission of Justification of Expenses


In order to be eligible to submit a justification for expense:


  1. The primary and essential partners must be active. Primary and essential partners must be documented as attending three out of the four quarterly meetings to be considered active. Active partners will be listed in the minutes and a signature on the sign in sheet at the quarterly meeting will be the official documentation of attendance. Active primary and essential partners shall designate an alternate representative that will attend meetings at which the partner cannot be present.

  2. The secretary will maintain and update quarterly a roster

    • of primary and essential active partners (attending 3 of 4 meetings) in order to move forward with funding request

    • of new partners (members that are in process of meeting the 3 of 4 meetings rule) in order to move forward with funding request; however, funding will not be allocated until they have met the 3 of 4 rule.

  3. Active primary and essential partners will be allowed to submit a proposal for funding considerations using the ASPR Grant Expenditure Justifiation Form for Budget Period 3 approved for use by the South Central Regional Healthcare Coalition Executive Committee.  

  4. If the proposal is submitted by an active primary and/or essential partner and meets the mission, priorities, goals and deliverables of the SCRHCC, then the proposals will be sent to the SCR Board for approval of the primary and/ or essential partner to present the proposal to the executive committee for a vote for approval at the next quarterly meeting.

  5. Proposals will be submitted at least two weeks prior to the scheduled quarterly meeting to the Vice-Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson will notify the partner, in writing, within one week of the scheduled quarterly meeting of the approval of the board to present the proposal. The proposals will be presented by the active partner during the business portion of the SCRHCC meeting in the date order they are approved by the board.

  6. Proposals approved for funding by the SCRHCC Executive Committee will require the signature of the Chairperson and Treasurer.

  7. The Treasurer will then submit the required forms to Tennessee Hospital Education Foundation (THERF) for payment.